Hartington Village Hall Trustee & Management Meeting 20/3/24 – 6.00pm- Bakehouse

 Attendees- Keith Quine (KQ)- Chair, Liz Broomhead LB (secretary)- Judith Chantler (JC) -booking Secretary, David Graham (Trustee- Lottery) (DG), Kath Williamson (KW), Andy Farmer (AF), Richard Gregory (RG), Phillip Neal (PN), Adrian Crowe (AC)

Apologies– Kate Craven (KC) (Treasurer), John Grosvenor (JG), David Annat (DA), Rob Tenty (RT Trustee) Leon Goodwin (LG Trustee),


  1. Minutes of meeting of 18/10/23  Acceptance proposed -PN 2nd – seconded by DG. They were accepted as a true record and duly signed.                              
  2. Matters Arising –
  • Item 3 Bookings – Continue to promote the calendar of activities and events through a wide range of mediums.
  • AOB- the wedding brochure is being re-vamped by LB and Carol Naylor – nearly completed.
  • After the meeting LG has shared a major revision and update of our website. KQ expresses much gratitude.
  1. Chairs Report-
  •  Fire Risk Assessment – later on agenda
  • DG summarized the Lottery situation to date reflecting a surplus £4160. In preparation for future grant applications as well as communicating to the community proposals of lottery funds raised to be used upon KQ asked for ideas “ what should be the targets in 24/25”. A wide range of ideas were tabled as follows
  1. Upper/Lower Bakehouse- furniture – chairs urgent – tables future; audio-visual improvements; storage of historical items
  2. Appearance of the front entrance – screen for Oil tank – new doors ( relates to security); signage
  3. Window replacement – some in Main Hall are blown and all wooden frame ones are in decay.
  4. Signage in village centre – need to refer on to Parish Council/highways.
  5. General security both inside and outside – see later item for detail

ACTIONS- KQ/DG to summarise for communication to community Lottery subscribers

                  LB to communicate with PC regarding signage – need to be by correspondence as April Agenda already confirmed

                  KQ to contact Dave Baggley regarding the offer of an electric screen for Bakehouse

  • Village Hall website – LG to use software similar to that used for Parish Council/Hartington Village websites to update our site  ACTION –  LG delivered revision on 21/03/24.
  • Ongoing maintenance of V.H website still needs to be addressed e.g. post updates, remove dated notices. – ACTION – LB to speak with Carol Naylor
  • Events Team – April1st -Fine Arts & Craft Fare; April 6th -Rob’s Parkinson Bash; July 13th Beatles tribute night
  • Need for a co-ordinated Annual Village Events Calendar to ensure against the risk of clashes. ACTION: LB to look at a template to be used by – Village Hall, YHA, British Legion, Devonshire Arms, Charles Cotton, Farm Shop, HCG, St Giles Church, Primary School


  1. Toilet Refurbishment and Lighting– All user groups were very positive in their comments on this area – A challenge with toilet roll dispensers. The foyer and corridor recessed lighting has been completed by local electrician Graham Smith . Some painting still to be done.
  2. Energy review– Following a detailed discussion KQ, having worked closely with a Utility Aid broker, outlined scenario. It was agreed unanimously to stay with EDF on a 2 year contract . Proposed by Chair -KQ. Potential annual savings of £300+. DG explained the potential future cost challenges with energy and standing charges.
  3. Budget scenario– The lighting costs approx. £1,500. KQ- explained the need for replacement of fire doors in main hall – advice was steel which can be clad inside – new frame – lower height, 25 yr. guarantee – cost approx. £3,100. Debate on pro/cons of this against wood. Need to consider the replacement of other fire doors. ACTION KQ to confirm doors to be replaced with James Wheawall.. It was agreed that KQ should purchase 12 new chairs for upper bakehouse. PN/KQ to consider submission of Leaden Boot grant.
  4. Hire Fees– to apply from 1.9.24- It was confirmed that Local and external hire remains the same – wedding weekend booking to increase from £650- £700. Action: local hirers to be informed by LB/JC.


  1. Fire Risk assessment– This had been circulated to all as well as all hirers with revised Conditions of Hire asking for confirmation that they had been read, understood and accepted. It covers all areas in hall. DG explained the future government law which will apply to all village hall- “Martins Law” – which was created following the Manchester bombing. The wording Security Risk is misleading as it implies locks and keys when it is referring to Personal safety. KQ proposed as chair acceptance of the Fire risk Assessment- agreed unanimously

 ACTION – PN/KQ to consider remote control of Smoke and Carbon Monoxide alarms.  ACTION- Russell Smith – to remove the 2 gas cylinders in small room.

  1. Bakehouse Planning Team – ACTION- LB to convene AC, KW and DG in near future to consider proposals to put to Trustees/Management.
  2. Potential Improvements to Hall security – PN presented several suggestions for consideration. These were discussed in detail , understanding the need for these actions and balancing them with the impact on volunteers/ community. ACTION- PN,KQ,DG to propose a plan
  3. Centenary 2025 planning team – RT – proposed a range of activities/events during the year. LB proposed that the community is alerted to the intentions and requests that people with ideas and interest in helping attend a meeting (date tbc) in village hall – to sound out ideas. From this a planning group put together to formulate a programme to be recommended to next Meeting in October ACTION: LB to convene initial meeting.
  4. AOB – DG informed of an accident at Table Tennis on Tuesday evening involving the under stage storage doors falling open. This is the 2nd occasion in the last months.

ACTION AC to review a different method of closing these.

Footnote: a third loose panel with screws removed was discovered on 21/03. Suspect an individual has access to a screwdriver.