The Hartington Village Hall Lottery 2023/2024

The proceeds for this lottery has gone towards the refurbishment of the Village Hall toiletsOur lottery income was used as seed monies which helped attract a UK Shared Prosperity Fund grant in excess of £13K  and the refurbishment was completed in January 2024 at a cost of £18K.

In 2019/20 the income from our lottery provided initial seed funding that resulted in the installation in August 2020 of a new roof at a cost of £44K. The 2020/21 lottery resulted in us replacing the ancient heating system at a cost of £24K including asbestos removal. Much needed repairs to the gable wall of the Upper Bakehouse plus replacing windows (£10K)  delayed our commitment to refurbish the kitchen but this took place in July 2023 at a cost of £30K.

Without our lottery ‘seed’ funding to gain grants worth over £105K none of the recent refurbishments would have been possible.

  • The lottery will be drawn on  the second Wednesday of every month.
  • There will be 12 monthly draws each year.
  • £5 per month or £50 per year
  • The December  prize money is £500
  • The August  prize money is £300
  • The ten remaining months have a prize of £100
  • Tickets can be by individuals (over 16) or by syndicate.

Person responsible: David Graham, 13 Stonewell Lane, Hartington, Buxton, Derbyshire SK17 0AH


Registered with Derbyshire Dales District Council in

accordance with para 36 of the Schedule 11, Part 4 to the Gambling Act 2005.

Small Society Lottery Registration Number LN/1529.

Hartington Village Hall Small Society Lottery Rules and Application Form

An Invitation to Join

Hartington Village Hall Committee, all volunteers, raise valuable funds every year for the running of our Village Hall which is owned by the community. Money raised is used to maintain and improve the hall for the benefit of all users. Our current priority is to refurbish the toilets .

By joining the Hartington Village Hall Lottery you can help ensure our Village Hall remains open as a resource for all the residents in our community, as well as having a chance to win cash prizes every month!
Hartington Village Hall Lottery is a private lottery and is open to all residents from the Village and the surrounding area, their family and friends.

  1. Each month HVH Lottery will conduct one monthly draw with one winner announced.
  2. The object of the Lottery is to raise funds for Hartington Village Hall.
  3. The Lottery will be run under the supervision of the Hartington Village Hall Committee and will be administered by Management Group Member David Graham.
  4. You have to be 16 or over to join.
  5. The first Lottery draw will be in October  and will include both a September and October draw. The draw will be done in a public setting.
  6. When you subscribe to the HVH Lottery you will be allocated a number.
  7. This number will then be included in the draw for 12 months.
  8. The subscription is either £50 per year (discounted and our preferred option) or 12 monthly subscriptions of £5 per month.
  9. To be eligible for the first draw all subscriptions must be in our bank account by the 30th September 2023.
  10. We would prefer for you to pay for 12 months in advance at a discounted rate of £50 (rather than £60). We ask if possible that your subscription  be made by a BACs transfer, or alternatively by cheque.
  11. For those choosing a £5 monthly subscription the following conditions must apply:
    1. Item 6 above applies
    2. Subscriptions will only be accepted by standing order set up by yourself through your own bank account.
    3. You need to commit to 12 consecutive monthly payments. (Any monthly subscriber who cancels  their subscription following a win will be expected to return the full amount to the HVH Lottery).
    4. Standing orders should be set up for the 1st of each month
    5. Subscriptions need to be visible in our bank account by 9a.m. on the 7th of each month otherwise the subscriber’s number will be withdrawn from the next draw.
    6. Subscribers will not be contacted by the HVH Lottery representatives if they are excluded from the draw
    7. Qualification for further draws, if a month’s subscription is missed, will be dependent on bringing your account up to date.
    8. Two consecutive failures to pay will automatically cancel your subscription.  And any prize money from that year’s draw should be returned.
  12. If you join the HVH Lottery later than 30th September 2023 you will need to pay the annual fee.
  13. You may buy more than one number.
  14. Syndicates are welcome to buy a ticket but it must be registered as an agreed syndicate name not an individual’s name. Each syndicate needs to indicate to whom prize money payment is to be made.
  15. The HVH Lottery will not take any responsibility or liability for disputes between syndicate members.
  16. No refunds can be offered once subscriptions are paid.
  17. If a winner cannot be contacted, the winnings will be placed into Hartington Village Hall Funds after 6 months. Monthly winners will be announced in ‘News and Views’.
  18. Person responsible: David Graham, 13 Stonewell Lane, Hartington, Buxton, Derbyshire SK17 0AH


  1. Registered with Derbyshire Dales District Council in Accordance with para 36 of the Schedule 11, Part 4 to the Gambling Act 2005
  2. Small Society Lottery Registration Number LN/1529

Print out and/or fill in the attached form with your details and you will be allocated a number.
All Subscribers must fill in an application form (attached).
Please inform us of any changes to your details over the 12 months by using the email address on this form or write to David Graham at the above address.

Thank You.

Hartington Village Hall Trustees