Hartington Village Hall AGM 12th October 2022: Chair’s Report

I trust that this report usefully summarises key points over the past year to members of the community. There is a considerable amount of financial data included, and a full 2021/2 finance paper will follow, but it is important at this point in time that decisions about our Hall are made against a clear understanding of what is affordable.

  1. Review of developments undertaken during 2021/22:
  • Covid 19 secure: a working team of LB, KQ, RT and JG originally drafted guidance and processes that were compliant with early government guidance and these were endorsed by the Management Group. Subsequent revisions in our processes were informed by guidance issued from both Support Staffordshire and ACRE/Rural Action Derbyshire. We have seen the gradual return of our pre-Covid user groups and indeed have seen the very welcome addition of several new activities over the year. It needs to be said just how instrumental Liz B has been in liaising with both returning groups and the new groups that have been formed in the last 12 months. Our community and our Hall are greatly indebted to her for the tireless and often unseen behind the scenes work she does for us all.
  • Heating system replacement: After a process requiring three quotes it was decided to proceed with David Butterworth (Monyash) to replace the current system at a cost of £19,757 incl VAT (https:dbutterworthplumbingandheating.co.uk/) .The oil fired system was split into 3 zones. New fan coil units were installed in the Main Hall, new radiators in the Lower and Upper Bakehouse while existing radiators in the toilets were utilised. Each space is controlled by a Nest thermostat. Controlling the heating is now done remotely saving greatly on volunteer time. Removal of asbestos panels and flue took place at a cost of £3,252   by Ashbrook Roofing Ltd as licenced operators. Warslow Village Hall kindly donated a Tuffa bunded and fire- resistant storage tank to replace ours on a new base. We are most grateful for the support of our farming community (RS, CW and KW) in expertly moving the tank from Warslow. Options such as air source and ground source heating, as well as solar panels and infra red units, were dismissed as possible alternatives  based on locational factors and/or operational cost by an independent consultancy.

We had the necessary funding as a result of £2,500 secured through the Rob Tenty        Boiler Bash, plus £3000 from The Bingham Trust plus £17,273 from a series of successful applications for Business Interruption grants. In addition we had £2850 earmarked from our 2020/21 lottery initiative.

The impact has been marked with very positive feedback on the room temperatures            from users. There has been a marked reduction in electricity consumption as infra -red heaters in the Hall and Upper Bakehouse are no longer needed. The only negative has been the unprecedented surge in the cost of oil.

  • Upper Bakehouse: After the forward progress made by LB and LG in  organising our historical   resources  we hit a major issue with water streaming down the gable wall. Investigation suggested this had been an issue for some years but was more evident in Feb 2022 storms. Three contractors were asked to submit an analysis of the issue and a cost of remedial work. Andy Wain was appointed to remove and re-set   coping stones and a section of damaged laths and felt, plus repoint the gable wall. The work was completed in mid Sept  2022 at a cost of £5,720. We also replaced the two windows with new double glazed windows at a cost of £1000. Over 60% of the cost was met by a grant from the Duke of Devonshire’s Charitable Trust.
  • Insulation: both to reduce ongoing costs as well as reduce carbon emissions five volunteers, led by AF and KW, installed insulation in the lofts over the Upper Bakehouse, toilets and entrance way. SW Peak Landscape Partnership covered 60% of the costs with a grant.
  • Trustees and Management Group Membership: David Graham joined our Trustees, making seven in total, supported by a Management Group of a further 8.

Should further members of the community wish to join in either capacity then please let us know.

  • Cleaning and general maintenance: we are so grateful to our volunteers who clean and carry out routine maintenance such as weeding, fitting insulation, fixing lights, painting, and  fitting new roof tiles over the entrance. We are grateful to AW for the annual polishing of the Hall floor in September.
  • 2020/21 external audit: During 2020/1, the second Covid affected year, the audit revealed:
                                        2020/21                     2019/20                                    2018/19                                2017/18
Income from hire           £2,341                            £4,489                                           £8,315                                    £7,167
Donations                          £45                                  £145                                               £193                                    £2,845
Fundraising                    £36,746                              £25,393                                        £13,307                                  £1,325
TOTAL INCOME            £39,562                               £30,130                                            £21,816                               £11,338
TOTAL SPEND              £51,660                               £7,994                                         £8,710                                 £6,242


NB:  Total Income 2019/20 does not show a grant payment from SWPLP that was secured in 2019/20 but only paid in Nov 2020. Spend in both 2018/9 and 2019/20 included much needed repairs and maintenance. No issues of concern were identified by the external audit. Our thanks go to KC as Treasurer.


The maintenance issues identified in the 2020/1 AGM report have seen the following progress:

  • Replacing the heating system/oil storage tank/asbestos removal (DONE)
  • Kitchen/bar area (next major priority)
  • Ensuring the electrical system is efficient, functional and compliant (5 YEAR INSTALLATION SURVEY DONE JUNE ’22)
  • Masonry of both the Bakehouse and Main Hall – pointing/reducing damp (SW GABLE DONE)
  • Insulation of roof voids over Bakehouse and toilets (DONE)
  • Painting and decorating on a regular cycle (ONGOING)
  • Replacing rear doors or at least ensuring no water runs in.
  • Maintenance of outside areas- front and back (ONGOING)
  • Maintenance of Staffs Blue roof tiles. (DAMAGED TILES REPLACED AUGUST 2022)
  • Clearing of valley plus gutters. (DONE)
  • Install nappy/baby changing facility (DONE)

We also need to:

  • Replace the green carpet in Lower Bakehouse/entrance
  • Carpet the Upper Bakehouse
  • Rationalise storage areas (ongoing)
  • Screen the oil storage tank + bin (in discussion with HCG re solution and funding)
  • Investigate addition of smart meter (promised Oct ’22)
  • Re-mark the badminton court lines
  • Monitor damp in Lower Bakehouse/Boiler room (work done on gable wall should help)
  • Replace ‘blown’ window panes
  1. Kitchen refurbishment: dealing with the issues in the Upper Bakehouse has meant slower than expected progress. There are two options: refurbish the existing space to create a hygienic, safe working and improved storage area or extend over the cellar as well as refurbish the existing space. We looked at extending the space into the Hall but that would compromise activities such as badminton and concerts. After discussion with builders it has become clear that, subject to confirmation by a structural engineer, the cellar would need further underpinning work should an extension be decided on. We are also considering the business case for an enlarged kitchen/bar, as well as the finances available. A decision on how to proceed will be  made at our October Management meeting.


  1. Lottery update: the 2020/21 small society lottery provided £1800 in prize monies and raised £2850 in income towards the replacement heating costs. The 2021/2 lottery provided £1800 in prize money and raised £4110. As of 20/09/22 the 2022/23 lottery has sold 61 subscriptions, with a prize fund of £1800 and a current profit margin of £1260. Subscriptions can continue until our first draw on 12th  https://hartingtonvillagehall.co.uk/lottery/ The 2022/23 lottery income is designated to go to the refurbishment of the kitchen. The continued support for the Hall from our community has been most heartening.
  1. As of 31st August (end of financial year) our finances stood at:
  • Nat West bank account                                                                                    £18,046.
  • Nationwide Business Savings Account                                                                  £410.
  • We await invoices for a five year electrical inspection, fitting two new windows for the Upper Bakehouse and the repairs to the Upper Bakehouse (estimate total £8,200), payment now falling into 2022/3.
  • Analysis suggests income for 2021/2 was £23,027 with expenditure at £32,273, a deficit for the year of -£9,246. Within the year we transferred £12,300 from our savings account towards the cost of the heating system and asbestos removal. Please see the Treasrer’s report for a fuller account of income and spend.
  • In summary our hire income can normally cover routine operational costs but property improvements and routine maintenance will need to be reliant on our lottery and grants.
  • The decision was made in March 2022 to raise our hire charges from September (unchanged since 2018) to £12ph for local use and £18ph for external hire. The Bakehouse hire charge will rise to £7ph for local use, £8ph for external use. This is in response to the rising energy costs.
  1. Energy scenario:

In 2021/2 we incurred costs of £587 for electricity and £1853 for oil. Our electricity supply contract runs out in April 2023 with tariffs currently being £28.12 per quarter as a standing charge, 14.2p/kWh day use and 12.3p/kWh night and weekend charge. As a charity, and classed as a business in energy supply terms we are not treated as a domestic consumer. We are told that the government, through an ‘Energy Bill Relief Scheme’, will address measures to reduce the impact of soaring energy prices on village halls and businesses. There will be a 6 month cap of 21.1p/kWh from 01/10/2022 but that does nothing for ourselves as we will continue to benefit from our fixed contract. There is no reference to the cost of oil to businesses and charities. We presume that the government will make a decision in March as to support, or not,  businesses and charities from 01/04/2023. We are making a third attempt to get a smart meter fitted in October which would help us manage costs better.

In respect of oil costs, we enter the Autumn  with c500 litres in storage, enough through until mid December. We are part of a bulk buying scheme and were typically paying 44p/litre but this year have paid as much as 97p/litre, and prices did soar to a high of 138p/litre.

Month Heating energy hours per month
December 2021 132
January 2022 149
February 2022 162
March 2022 130
April 2022 57
May 2022 25
June 2022 17
July 2022 3
August 2022 0
                                                          Total (9 months) 675 hours

Over time we can build up a better understanding of oil usage, timing our purchases to take advantage of the market.

The only certainty is that our energy costs will be greater in 2023 than in the past hence the decision made back in March to raise hire fees. We will review charges again in March 2023.

Keith Quine

Chair of Trustees

Hartington Village Hall



Hartington Village Hall

Annual General meeting on 12/10/2022 at 6.00pm


  1. Approval of minutes from 12/10/2021 LB          (5 mins)
  2. Matters Arising KQ          (5 mins)
  3. Chair’s Report /Report to Charity Commission                          KQ          ( 15 mins)
  4. Treasurer’s Report                                                   KC/KQ    (15 mins)
  5. Appointment of Chair, Secretary and Treasurer 2022/2023 LB           (10mins)
  6. Points raised by members of the community All           (10 mins)
  7. AOB

Management Group meeting at 7.00pm


  1. Minutes of meeting of 09/03/2022 LB                  (5 mins)
  2. Matters Arising KQ                 (5 mins)
  3. Progress on bookings LB/LG           (10 mins)
  4. Lottery 2022/23 update DG                 (5 mins)
  5. Insurance 2022/23 KQ                 (5 mins)
  6. Energy review                                                          KQ                 (5 mins)
  7. Property review KW/JG/KQ  (10 mins)
  8. Kitchen refurbishment- progress update                      JG/All           (30 mins)
  9. Budget plan 2022/23 KQ                (15 mins)
  10. AOB
  11. Date of next meeting




  • Our financial year is September – August.
  • We are required to submit an annual return to the Charity Commission.
  • We will ensure our accounts are subject to a professional audit (Sarah Lovatt of Lovatt Accountancy)
  • Charges for 2021/22 were as for 2018/19 at Local Hire £10ph, External Hire £15ph and Bakehouse Hire £6ph.
  • From September2022 our charges are £12ph for Local Hire, External Hire £18ph, with the Bakehouse Hire being £7ph.
  • With property improvements and maintenance as continued priorities it is important that we continue to generate a match funding reserve.

Monies held in accounts as at 01/09/2022 = £21,623

INCOME 2021/22 with budget forecast for 2022/3.


  2021/2 forecast 2021/2 Actuals 2022/3 forecast
Local Hire £6000 £6,955 £7,500
External Hire £3000 £1,301 £3,000
TOTAL HIRE Total hire £9,000 £8,256                 £10,500
Small Society Lottery £3200 £5810 £5,000
Donations  £100 (Wishing well) £1225 £250
Gift Aid     £50 0 £100
Fund raising events   £500 0 £500
Church contribution to broadband     £50 £50 £50
Plant sales   £500 0 0
TOTAL FORECAST ADDITIONAL INCOME       £4,400                                         £7,085                  £5,900
Known grant income       £0 0 0
TARGET FOR GRANT INCOME £10,000 £7,720                  £3,000
TOTAL INCOME £23,400 £23,061                 £19,400










 EXPENDITURE 2021/22 with budget forecast for 2022/3.


  2021/2 forecast Actual 2022/3 forecast
Inspections (Fire/PAT/Lighting) £1300 £421 + waiting invoice for full electrical insp. £2000
Repairs & maintenance £3000 £2,194 £3000
New heating system £20,000 £19,757 0
Asbestos removal £3,000 £3,252 0
Replacement windows in Upper Bakehouse Installed June ’22. Waiting for invoice £960
Roofing + gable wall repairs £5,720
Electric £1400 £587 £900
Oil £950 £1853 £2300
Insurance £900 £939 £1000
Refuse collection £400 £396 £425
Lottery licence £20 £20 £20
Music licence £150 £201 £139
Accountancy fees £150 £150 £150
Telephone/Broadband £420 £333 £333
Cleaning materials £100 £145 £150
First aid supplies £20 0 £20
Stationary/postage £25 0 £25
Miscellaneous £100 £300 £100
TOTAL Operational costs £31,935 £32,173 £17,242
Kitchen refurbishment estimate £13000   £13,000
Total Costs     £30,242



Forecast  deficit for 2022/3 :  – £10,842


Deficit to be met from monies in hand on 01/09/2022 of £21,623.



The above assumes a weekly operational hire  income of £201 ( £158 in 2021/2 which was initially impacted by Covid) set against an operational weekly cost of £203 ( £176 in 2021/2). The operational costs ignores the project costs to the Upper Bakehouse. The operational income only considers hire income.


The only way such a budget plan for 2022/3 is acceptable is if we draw on our reserve of £21,623. In actual fact two contractors have yet to submit invoices for c£2500 despite work being carried out almost four months ago and the Upper Bakehouse repairs were planned to be completed in the 2021/2 financial year with a grant for over 50% received in August. This accounts for over £7K of the 2022/3 anticipated spend.


·       The estimated cost of the kitchen is £13K but may well come in above.

·       The grant situation is challenging with funds being directed to Covid relief and communities hard hit by soaring costs of living.

·       Electrical supply contract is up for renewal in April 2023.

·       The impact of a new heating system on oil consumption is  positive and has greatly impacted on electricity usage.

·       We need to consider if  plant sales should be considered as a viable fund raiser.

·       At our March 2022 meeting we need to consider 2023/24 hire rates.



In conclusion, the above budget plan is proposed with an anticipated deficit of £10,842 to be met from our reserves. If we come in as per the budget plan we could have a reserve of about £10K to carry forward into 2023/4.


                                                                                                                     Keith Quine

Chair of Trustees







Hartington Village Hall Profit & Loss Statement FY 21/22
Income Summary Fundraising Summary
Local Income      6,955.50 Donations      1,225.97
Non Local Income      1,301.00 Grants – Restricted      4,713.63
Total hire Income      8,256.50 Grant – Unrestricted      3,007.00
Lottery Income FY 21-22      4,110.00
Expenditure Summary Lottery Income FY 22-23      1,700.00
Accountancy          150.00 Plant Sales
Cleaning          145.00 Interest            13.91
Broadband/Telephone          332.78
Grant T’fer to HCC          300.00 Fund Raising Total   14,770.51
Electricity          586.93
Music Licence          200.88 Funds Held at Year End
Insurance          939.35 Nationwide Account         410.22
Lottery Licence            20.00 NatWest Account   21,040.74
Lottery Prizes      1,700.00 Petty Cash Balance         172.81
Oil      1,853.34
Refuse Collection           395.50   21,623.77
Repairs & Maintenance    25,625.69
Stationery & Post            24.07 Reconciliation
Held on 01/09/2021  30,870.30
Receipts   23,027.01
Expenditure – 32,273.54
Held in accounts 31/08/2022   21,623.77
Profit / (Loss) -24,017.04