Minutes of Hartington Village Hall – AGM on 12/10/2022


Attendees- Keith Quine (KQ)- Chair, Liz Broomhead LB (secretary)- David Grahem (Trustee- Lottery (DG),Kath Williamson(KW), John Grosvenor(JG), Andy Farmer(AF), Richard Gregory ( RG), Adrian Crowe-(AC), David Annat (DA), Julie Graham  Gill Dennis, John Dean.

Apologies-, Kate Craven-( Treasurer), Leon Goodwin (Booking Admin), Rob Tenty (Trustee) Penny Jones, Janet Bray.


  1. Approval of minutes from 12/10/2021. These were unanimously agreed as a true record and duly signed.                                        
  2. Matters Arising- The urgency to contract for the repair to the upper bakehouse wall, with the concern that other issues might be found, meant that other projects were delayed. A report on the roof and supporting structures was provided by Builder- Andy Wain. This confirmed that further work will need to be done in the future – but not imminent .
  3. Chair’s Report /Report to Charity Commission- this had been circulated prior to meeting. KQ highlighted the following areas- Further thanks to LB for her work in ensuring previous user groups returned following the pandemic as well as recruiting new groups.

Annual Service of new boiler by David Butterworth, 31.10.22.

Reference made to the increase in bookings means may need additional volunteer cleaning teams .ACTION- LB when thanking current teams to ask if other volunteers would wish to be involved.

The refurbishment of the kitchen is on General Meeting agenda, however it was referenced that there will be a new floor in kitchen and this company will be asked to include the toilet floors. This was well received by RG and his “cleaning buddy- (Kay).

The government business energy support does not apply to us as we are currently on a favourable supply contract. The full Chair’s report will be submitted to the Charity Commission. A vote of thanks was given by DA for the tremendous work achieved by KQ and the positive impact it has had on the whole community.

  1. Treasurer’s Report- circulated prior to meeting. There were no questions. KQ proposed its submission to external auditors. A vote of thanks was tabled to Treasurer- KC – the professionalism and accuracy of accounting is outstanding .
  2. Appointment of Chair, Secretary and Treasurer 2022/2023 – The present officers (KQ/LB/KC) all willing to stand again. Proposed on block by DG and 2nd by DA.
  3. Points raised by members of the community- DA asked if it was becoming harder to obtain grants- KQ agreed -it was harder to get capital funding – the baseline criteria have changed so Covid issues and cost of living issues dominate. The Jubilee funding from Government for UK village halls- (£3million)  has as yet no detail alongside and is not regarded as a likely feasible source. We will however submit a capital application to this plus the National Lottery Community Fund when all costs are known on the kitchen. DA referred to the actions regarding community spaces – related to heating “Warm Spaces” project – again no specific details.
  4. AOB KW spoke to the Alstonefield “Leaden Boot” fund raising event held in part in Hartington – 21st May 2023. This year several Hartington volunteers supported for a few hours – this resulted in support from Alstonefield to the sum of £285.  ACTION- LB to circulate a request through digi hartington for support again next year.


The date of 2023 AGM – Wednesday 11th October

The AGM closed and Mr John Dean was asked to do the lottery draw for September/October. The winners – Rural Social Group and Harry and Beth Smith (members of Wednesday Social Dance).

Minutes of Management Group meeting following AGM

Thanks were given to the members of the public (Julie Graham, Gill Dennis, John Dean) for attending the AGM who now left the meeting.



  1. Minutes of meeting of 09/03/2022- signed as a true record and all actions completed
  2. Matters Arising – none
  3. Progress on bookings – There is a full programme of weekly activities. The September 5th HCG-Open evening and promotion through posters- websites and Facebook, has resulted in strong uptake and sustainability. The number of “one off” booking is also increasing. The increase in hire fee has not had a detrimental impact. The booking system – set up and administrated by LG  is excellent and very effective. KQ added that when meeting with other Staffordshire village hall trustees that some incur considerable costs by using online booking packages. A vote of thanks was tabled for the generous amount of time given by LG and willingness to share his knowledge and expertise. LB proposed that we ask relevant members of the community if they could help with the updating of the village hall website in the areas of gallery and any other aspects that Leon identifies. Action:  KQ to discuss with LG and to investigate.
  4. Lottery 2022/23 update – DG produced a breakdown of the finances Fully Paid entries 111; Non-Renewals from previous year 13 but several new subscribers; Prize costs £1800; Income £5560; Surplus- £3760. DG felt the key to the great success of this project was communication which KQ provides on a regular basis. The community can physically see the way the money they donate is used and the impact it has on the community. KQ acknowledged the original idea was that of RT.
  5. Insurance 2022/23 The policy, with Covea, is at the end of the first year of 3. The quote for 2022/3 is for £1003 which provides cover for a rebuild of £800,000.
  6. Energy review – Electricity contract will finish in April 2023- KQ researching the next supplier with support from Utility Aid. (As of 13/10/2022 the cheapest business tariff is +294% over the current contract). Oil last price 98p litre, the government business support for those “off the gas Grid” may provide some future support. Action: KQ to research market and allocate contract to a new supplier before the current one ends.
  7. Property review– The next 2 priorities will be the replacement of toilet floor covering (linked to kitchen floor see item Item 8) and the replacement of the green carpet in the foyer and lower bakehouse.
  8. Kitchen refurbishment- progress update. KQ provided some background on the fact that after consulting two builders it was clear that any rear extension over the cellar would need significant and potentially costly underpinning. DA was also able to contribute to this item.. KQ with JG met with Howdens and Andy Wain/Matt Critchlow to determine a plan for the refurbishment. A presentation of a projected  design of a proposed kitchen was shared; The cost for the units- £9766 ( inc VAT) – DA asked the question about claiming VAT back – we are unable to do so. Will need to add labour costs as well as costing for the replacement of the floor surface and new lighting. The initial projected budget of £13K is revised  to £17K plus contingency. A very useful debate followed around costs and benefits with all participants involved and the rationale to follow through with the project was positively challenged. Ultimately KQ asked if anyone was opposed to progressing this work. Everyone was in favour. KW asked if we could consult with some of the key users- Legion – Sue Bruce- this will be done and a plan was determined following the meeting. Next steps were identified. ACTION- JG to ask Laura at Village Stores if she wishes to purchase the cooker in boiler room ( from Warslow); if not will be sold on Ebay.

The Cage for gas – KW to ask Garage if it will be of use.

KQ/JG to put up a presentation of the draft plan and encourage Hall users to give feedback.

KQ to submit grant applications.

JG/KQ to liaise with Howdens, builder, flooring contractor and electrician to bring refurbishment to completion.

  1. Budget plan 2022/23 – a lengthy discussion resulted in this needing to be revised – new Budget attached with these minutes. ACTION: KQ to discuss potential involvement with Penny and Janet, whose support in the past has been critical.
  2. AOB- KQ thanked everyone for their attendance and positive contributions to the meeting.

LB thanked KQ for the regular communications sent to keep everyone informed and included in the fantastic work which is being achieved.

Date of next meeting 8.3. 23